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My Health and Wellness

In the Community

My Health and Wellness

My Health and Wellness Programs

OhioHealth offers educational programs that empower you to take control of your health.

We’re committed to helping you understand health conditions and how to prevent and manage them.

ENGAGE (Empowerment. Nutrition. Goals. Activity. Guidance. Education.)

ENGAGE helps you understand your chronic health condition and gives you the tools for better management and control.

Diabetes Self-Management – Nine-week course includes:

  • Understanding diabetes
  • How do I avoid complications?
  • What do my lab values mean?
  • Understanding my medications and how to take them
  • How do I manage my diet/nutrition?
  • What role does physical activity play?
  • How do I manage my stress?

Heart and Vascular Self-Management – Six-week course includes:

  • What is heart and vascular disease?
  • What do my lab values mean?
  • How do I manage my diet/nutrition?
  • How can physical activity and stress management help me?

Cooking Matters – Six-week course that teaches you how to prepare tasty, healthy dishes (open only to people who participated in one of our ENGAGE courses)

Call (614) 566.9187 to sign up for an ENGAGE class.

Ambassador Program for Teens

Experts from OhioHealth lead presentations that teach teens about important health topics, including:

  • Do Dreams Not Drugs – addresses drug use and its long-term effects
  • Infant Care and Development – offers information on topics that include feeding, safe sleeping, vaccines and discipline strategies
  • Labor and Delivery – discusses signs of labor, pain management and what to expect during the different stages of labor and after delivery
  • Let’s Be Ladies – focuses on self-esteem, violence, bullying and appropriate behavior
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) – teaches about STIs, including symptoms, treatments and prevention
  • Nutrition for Teens – informs about the importance of proper nutrition, including good food choices, the problems with fast food and how to maintain a healthy weight

If you’d like to have the Ambassador Program at your school, have the school nurse call (614) 566.9989.