Paying for Your Care

Paying for Your Care

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Understand Your Bill

Information on Managing Your Bill After Your Hospital Visit

Trying to sort through the various bills you receive from the hospital and your doctors can sometimes be difficult. The following information is provided to help you.

Understanding Your Statement

A few weeks after your stay at an OhioHealth care site, you'll receive a copy of your bill. You may also receive bills from your doctor(s), including your family doctor or specialists.

Your bill will also be sent to your insurance plan. If your insurance plan does not pay your bill within 90 days after billing, or if your claim is denied, you will receive a statement from OhioHealth indicating the bill is your responsibility.

All bills are due upon receipt. OhioHealth does not charge interest on any amount not paid in full during the normal course of collection.

Questions About Your Medical Bill

If you have questions about your bill, please contact the OhioHealth Customer Call Center at (614) 566.1505 or (844) 379.4962.

If you were a patient at OhioHealth Physician Group Heritage College and have questions about your bill, please call (740) 331-7132 or (833) 857-1812.

If you are a patient at OhioHealth Berger Hospital and have questions about your bill, please call (740) 420.8020.

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